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Your questions: answered by Rioters!



How did the idea of Quinn and Valor come about?


morellovatarMorello – “One tool we have for champion creation is the “Champion Ideation Board.” This is a place where ideas are started and teams can pick them up to work on them.

Quinn started as a loose concept simply called “Falconer.” We knew we wanted to find a champion that played up the teamwork aspect that only could exist with a relationship like this, and it also let us do a ranger-style character without needing to be a full-out pet champion.

With this, we tried to make sure it delivered on everything important to that – it’s why Valor is part of every skill, so they fight together. It’s not master/servant like a lot of rangers, it’s more like an Elite K-9 unit, where they’re partners working together.

There’s lots of champions on this board – and some die there if the concept looks cool but doesn’t work out. Many of the champions you see come from this place at somepoint in their development.”


Was Quinn’s kit designed to fit her theme, or the opposite?


SwainBilgewaterParrotIronStylus – “We mainly designed around the theme, the rager trope with a twist. Usually Creative and Art coalesce before design do, so we were able to get something very concrete together before design got a hold of her proper.”



What is her intended role?


morellovatarMorello – “AD Carry or perhaps ranged Top Lane duelist. We’ve looked at her being successful in either, but players will likely find things out about this that we hadn’t thought of – which is good :)”



 How long was the process of making the champion?


EzrealRiotRunaan – “We started work on Quinn and Valor in May of 2012. Whew!”




Follow up: Do all champions take that long to develop?


EzrealRiotRunaan – “Generally, especially with more recent and upcoming champions, yes. Some take longer.”




Why an attack range of 525?


JarvanVolty – “Quinn has the tools to get into closer range and fight profitably there. Blinding Assault doesn’t have much of a point if the enemy can’t attack you to begin with. Quinn also has access to Vault which can be used to close a gap from just outside attack range to just inside it.”



Does every new champion need two sets of abilities?


JarvanVolty – “We’ve learned some great things in the last year on the pros and cons of developing multi-part kits. Not every recent champion includes tons of multi-part skills though, and I do feel that we’re using this approach where it makes sense and avoiding it where it doesn’t.
Quinn and Valor is closer to 1.5 sets of abilities, since you don’t replace your base skills during Tag Team, but rather access versions of them that make sense for a melee autoattacker. I was strongly motivated to include Skystrike on the kit because I wanted a cool finale moment to accompany Quinn’s return to the battlefield. I’m very happy with the result.”


Why give a melee ult to an AD carry?


GragasBeat Punchbeef  – “Allowing players to take control of Valor gave us an opportunity to realize the fantasy of being incredibly swift while at the same time creating a strategic niche within the role of AD Carry. There are a number of ways to successfully utilize Tag Team though it was not explicitly designed for her to be a bruiser.”


What is the best support for Quinn?


GragasBeat Punchbeef – “It depends on which aspects of Quinn you want to enhance. My favorite pairings are extremely aggressive supports such as Leona. Additionally you can enhance her slippery nature with a peel support such as Janna.”



Why is Quinn’s passive random?


JarvanVolty – “It’s not actually very random, though what randomness or unpredictability there is exists to convey a sense that Valor is an independent agent who works with you as a partner, not a mindless servant who only follows your instructions.
This said, here are some things to note about Harrier target selection:


o Valor will attack targets you attack.
o Outside of this, Valor will opportunistically mark enemy champions, with some sensitivity to the range between you and them. The closer they are the more likely he will mark them without you attacking first. o Perhaps most enjoyably for Quinn, Valor also like to help you last hit minions, by often marking them when the mark will make the difference between last hitting and not. o Generally, if you are pushing your lane he comes as quickly as possible to assist you. On the other hand if you’re holding back and just last hitting he will help you do just that. o Valor won’t give away your position if you’re hidden.”


What are some particular challenges you faced with developing Quinn that you didn’t have with creating other champions?


SwainBilgewaterParrotIronStylus – “Yes, “what does a Demacian ranger look like?” “What is her personality?” “How do we deliver the companion aspect?”
A lot of those did present some challenges. We had to keep her Demacian but tone down her look. Some solutions:
Demacians are all about overkill. They literally scream it. We wanted Quinn to have a bird motif and we were unapologetic in how how adapted that to her costume. We thought somewhere between batman and an elite soldier, costumed but with some feelings of practicality.
We did indeed give her a lot of avian themed components. Again, this is about as toned down as a Demacian military officer can possibly be, so we were ok with things being overt.

We also put a lot of “story-telling elements” on her which could be used to communicate that she has some history and logistical know-how. Her bird-themed pauldron links into the holster on her back. She has a gauntlet for Valor to land on which has seen some use by the
We felt that we wanted to flip what was considered a more masculine role (being woodsy, utilizing an animal for a weapon, a loner) and put a strong female in that role. There was an opportunity to take something and twist it a bit, so that’s what we did. With “The Falconer” being a female, this led us to explore the idea of an introspective, intellegent and resourceful young woman. The story became more personal and the animal/human connection felt more symbiotic.”



Why so many bows? Why not magic?


SwainBilgewaterParrotIronStylus – “Demacians aren’t inherently as magical as other factions I feel, so we wanted something practical but a little beefy. We had to make something sort of crafted, a little more advanced than their traditional arms, but not as advanced as hextech.”




Can we expect spectacle and suspense like this with every champion?


EzrealRiotRunaan – “I’m really glad you liked the journal! Moving forward, yes, we’d like to do more reveals like Quinn’s. I can’t guarantee that every champion will get one–we’re still in a very experimental phase with these kinds of things. Quinn’s journal was highly personal to her, something that might not fit just any champion. For future champions, we want to shoot for a similar goal: something unique, something personal, and something memorable.”


SwainBilgewaterParrotIronStylus – “We are indeed looking to further the lore effort we put on the front end of releases. Quinn and Valor happened to work in the right timeframe, now that we have an idea as to how long this sort of promotion takes in terms of resources I think we can incorporate similar efforts for coming champions. That’s not a guarantee, but it’s something we are indeed trying to derive an initiative from.”


JarvanVolty – “I can’t be happier with the final journal, this was totally awesome. The short answer is that I want to really drive more things similar to this but as it is makes sense for the champion in question.”




Lore questions for future potential fanfics:


  • How long have Quinn and Valor served as knights of Demacia? Are they fresh to the crew, building their reputation on their real-world experience? Are they recent graduates of the academy, passing with ahemflying colors? Or are they five-year veterans of the corps?
  • How connected is she to Shyvana, Jarvan’s other protege who also has the ability to fly but is incredibly savage and powerful? Does Quinn fear Shyvana like so many others do, or have they bonded as “outsiders”?
  • Were Quinn and Valor involved in the dragon hunt that found Shyvana?
  • Whom did Jarvan meet first–Shyvana or Quinn?
  • How much does a Demacian Eagle eat? How much can it carry? Is Valor’s average air speed greater or less than that of an unladen swallow?


  • They’ve had some time to climb the ranks and have done very well for themselves, but a lot of the “old guard” still sees them as, well, fresh meat. They’re in no way veterans, though.
  • Quinn doesn’t fear Shyvana, but I don’t think they’ve had much of a chance to bond just yet. Shyvana keeps to herself and, to an extent, so does Quinn–both of them have a distaste for crowds and prefer to serve society, but not necessarily mingle with it. Eventually, though, they might become friends and relate to each other as outsiders.
  • No, they were not.
  • He met Shyvana first.
  • A Demacian Eagle eats quite a lot and becomes grouchy if not properly fed. As for the second part, well, is the unladen swallow carrying of the Bilgewater or Freljord variety?”



Who made her crossbow?


EzrealRiotRunaan – “It was specially made for her as requested by Jarvan, but she heavily influenced the design (in the same way that she personally helped design her uniform). Both her weapon and her uniform are one of a kind–while they follow the “acceptable” design of the Demacian military, they are entirely her own.”



What’s next for “Team Diana”?


SwainBilgewaterParrotIronStylus – “Welp, short answer: “Some cool stuff”. But more granularly I’m focusing n Reworks with Grumpy Monkey. But I have my eyes on a number of champion concepts floating around. When we have the opportunity we’ll no doubt join forces for the cause of awesome =)”




Those are the ones that I deemed most exciting, however, you can check out the full AMA here.


Good luck on the Fields of Justice!