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We are proud to announce, the next level of stat-tracking and champion-build information. With it you can track what the pro and high-ranked players do in their games and even better, the order in which they do them. Let’s go through some examples of how it works and the kind of results you can expect.


What do you seek?


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When loading the homepage one of the first things you’ll see is the search bar. If you had a specific target for your visit, this will be the fastest path to reach it. It will search for players and champions and will bring up a clickable drop-down list after the first character typed, so you don’t even need to enter the whole thing.





Overview of your topic


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Say your goal was information on how the pros are currently building Renekton; a click on him from your previous search will bring up a smorgasbord of high-level builds. Here you get the broad-strokes of a large number of games. The final-build, how recent, if they won and who was playing. From this point you can go even deeper to see the next level of details. Click on which game you want to see, we’ll use KiWiKiD’s as an example.





The fine details


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This is where ProBuilds starts to get really exciting. You can see how the teams did overall, their scores and final builds. Under that you can see the specific player’s final build more prominently and his choice of summoner spells. The best bits however are the Buy Order and Skill Order sections. Here you can see exactly what he did and the order he did it in. You can see that he bought wards on almost every back and that he put a second point in W at level 10 but max’d E before W otherwise.





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This level of detail is truly fascinating and now you can find it for all the high-level games you see on stream! Of course, the runes and masteries are not ignored, they are clearly and cleanly presented. This gives you an almost complete overview of the match from Welcome to Summoners Rift to one of the Nexuses being destroyed. This was not a special case; every game on ProBuilds is recorded in equal detail for your entertainment and interest. You can also search for players and see all of their recent matches if your focus is in a slightly different direction; it works the same way.





Live feed


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If you don’t have a specific need in mind but have a few minutes to kill and are wondering what the pros are currently up to there is a Live Feed. This will list all the most recent games from followed players. Top players from the EU, NA, CN, TW and KR servers will all appear here in a constant stream of games. If one catches your eye, a simple click will bring you all the facts.


We want everyone to be able to use ProBuilds successfully- there is no point having all this fantastic information if only some people can make full use of it. In that regard we currently support five languages (English, French, German, Korean and Spanish) and will constantly strive to add more language options as time goes on. While we are launching today, this is an open-beta phase and we will be adding more features as time goes on. Please let us know if you find any bugs or if there are any features you think would make it an even more rewarding experience. ProBuilds is the future, we hope to see you there; let the information flow!